Action: Not sold money back guarantee!

Sell your horse or foal without risk

The new auction for sport horses and foals will start on 30 July. If you register your sport horse or foal for the first auction, the action now applies: Not sold money back guarantee!

At the online horse auction you can offer your horse yourself. Make a video, upload your photos and fill in the details. Then your horse or foal will be offered at the next auction and the bidding can begin.


*Conditions action “not sold, money back guarantee”:

  • Promotion valid until 1 August 2021.
  • When filling in the sales form, you can indicate the minimum selling price yourself.
  • To participate in this promotion, register your horse or foal on the “sell” page. You pay the cost per iDeal. Your horse or foal will then be offered at the auction. If your horse is not sold above the reserved price (which you have indicated yourself) you will simply get your money back.

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